Toyota Coaster Features

Toyota Coaster Features

Performance: Designed with an eye for performance

Toyota Coaster provides outstanding driving response in all road conditions and load situations, as well as Toyota reliability, whether you choose a diesel or petrol engine.

Environmentally Sound

Toyota’s commitment to the environment is confirmed by Toyota Coaster’s excellent fuel efficiency, low exhaust emissions and plastic parts code-marked for easy sorting

Quality Technology and Performance

Toyota Coaster’s chassis and independent front suspension were engineered for perfect balance of comfort and durability. Tandem boosters are standard on long wheelbase models, while front disc brakes are optionally available for all Coasters.

Comfort: Designed for people

The overriding sensation you will experience travelling in the Coaster is one of comfort, whether in the short wheel base or long wheel base version.

Roomy Comfortable Cabin

With fabric seats and plenty of room for up to 30 passengers to travel in comfort, the Coaster feels like a family sedan

Safety: Reliability that always keeps you safe

A wide range of safety measures give the multi passenger Coaster the reliability you need on long or multiple journeys

All Round Driver Visibility

The driver is in the best position to detect hazards thanks to a clear and expansive all round view, with large windshields, the driver’s safety window and the easy to adjust seat position,. Quick acceleration, excellent handling and a high level of braking performance all amount to easy control of the vehicle, assisting with safe motoring

Ergonomic Design

Easy driving control means greater safety. Large, rounded switches are placed according to the frequency of use. The new instrument panel is illuminated for enhanced legibility, meaning that the driver can focus on the road

Sliding, Reclining Driver Seat

Shaped to help minimise driver fatigue, along with the new power steering system that ensures comfort and ease throughout the entire driving experience

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